Terms of Use

Terms and conditions of use of the Spigos website and games

  1. Accept
    1. The terms on this page always apply for use of the Spigo website.
    2. The terms can be changed without prior notice and the latest terms always apply.
    3. The terms must be accepted when creating a Spigo profile, as well as for all use of the Spigo website in general.

  2. User
    1. Whenever required, all information must be correct and valid on a creation of an account.
    2. If another person's email is used to create a profile, it will immediately be reported to the police with information regarding IP address and time of violation.
    3. Spigo reserves the right to send out newsletters per email.
    4. Any person is only allowed one active user across all Spigo sites. Having more than one active user or sharing users on Spigo is not permitted.
    5. Spigo can delete a user's profile without prior notice, if the terms of use are not complied with. Furthermore, Spigo reserves the right to block all access to the homepage for users with inappropriate behaviour patterns. This decision lies in the sole discretion of Spigo and will be made without regard to paid memberships.

  3. Profile
    1. The photos that are saved on the Spigo website in connection with a profile may not be pornographic, unsober or offensive in general.
    2. With regard to profile photos, the photo must either be made in Spigo's avatar editor or show the person who has registered at Spigo. The picture has to be a (fairly) new and lifelike portrait photo without too much of wasted space.
    3. Spigo reserves the right to highlight profiles, including profile pictures on Spigo's own website and on Spigo's Facebook page. E.g. when a user has a birthday or has won a prize.

  4. Games
    1. Spigo is not responsible for any errors, omissions and implications from the use of the games and/or the homepage. All use of the homepage and the games is at one's own risk.
    2. However, Spigo will always attempt to correct errors and defects and listen to the users' criticism and wishes for improvements.
    3. It is not permitted to make use of electronic or mechanical tools that in any way, directly or indirectly, automate or in any other way substitute that the user plays. If there is sufficient suspicion of a violation of this, the violation will be reported to the police immediately and further legal action will be initiated to the extent that Spigo finds necessary.

  5. Winnings and Deposits
    1. Winnings won on the Spigo website are transferred directly to the user's bank account. Therefore to receive a winning, the user has to have a bank account and be willing to disclose the account number. If the user do NOT have a domestic bank account, the user pays for all charges concerning the bank transfer. Furthermore the user carries all charges related to wrong bank account details provided by the user. There is always imposed a fee of GBP 7.00 for withdrawals from the user's account on Spigo.
    2. Winnings must be withdrawn within one year from the winning date or you will lose the right to claim them. Furthermore, any account balance exceeding GBP 100.00 must be withdrawn within a month.
    3. The right to (physical) prizes won on the site (for example in prize tournaments, lotteries and other competitions), is withdrawn if the user does not respond to our request for name and address within 90 days, unless the relevant competition states a different deadline. We will contact the user via letter at Spigo or in rare cases using the email address provided by the user.
    4. Prizes and products won or ordered on Spigo.co.uk cannot be shipped or transferred to countries outside UK. Spigos won on this site cannot be transferred to other Spigo sites.
    5. Inactive Spigo accounts cannot store money indefinitely. From an inactive Spigo account with positive money balance each month a fee of 5.00 GBP will be deducted. An account is considered inactive if its owner has not logged in for a year. Furthermore, any account balance exceeding GBP 100,00 must be withdrawn within a month or player will loose right for withdrawal.

  6. Communication on Spigo
    1. It is not allowed to advertise, sell things or have content which can be offensive to others on your profile. This rule also applies to all other places where you can write a text other users can see. We reserve the right to delete any material or content which we find inappropriate.